Upgrade your NFT 1.0 collections to NFT 2.0 by wrapping them into advanced functionality


As a collection issuer, use Upgradooor to initialize the process of upgrading your collection to NFT 2.0 if you are currently using ERC721. As a holder, once the collection owner initiates the process, you can wrap any NFT you hold in that collection and instantly turn it into an equippable, multi-asset, composable NFT with no added risk. You can always unwrap at will, and all the changes will still wait for you when you decide to re-claim the 2.0 wrapper again. Upgrading allows you to: - add more assets (outputs) to a legacy NFT, preventing needless airdrop spam - airdrop NFTs into the NFT itself, preventing detachment of context, and saving tremendous amounts of gas by letting people transfer just the parent NFT - define equippable settings and even achieve compatibility with other collections, for cross collection equippables and thus cross collection royalties and commissions - see your NFTs on Singular, and use GBM auctions as a unique and novel listing mechanic

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