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KYVE Network, Archiving the web on Arweave, Decentralised archivers and validators. KYVE is an initiative to store any data stream, with built-in validation. By leveraging the Arweave blockchain, we can permanently and immutably store this data. The network is powered by decentralised archivers and validators. These nodes reside in pools, each pool focusing on archiving a specific data stream. Pools are funded by $KYVE tokens, and anyone can fund these storage initiatives by depositing tokens. A designated archiver is appointed by a DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organisation) for each pool. Nodes are incentivised by a unique staking system, which involves them locking their $KYVE tokens while being active in the pool. Validators will "get together" and vote on whether the designated archiver is properly doing it's job. If the validators come to a consensus that the archiver is no longer acting honestly or reliably, a new archiver will be decided upon in the DAO. Validators can seemlessly transition into an archiver if need be.

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