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Prime Protocol

Prime Protocol

Borrow 500 USDC on Moonbase using Prime Testnet
Status: Expired
Active Date: 2023-03-08

Campaign Detail

Moonbeam Ignite: The DeFi Voyage - Prime Protocol During the three-week campaign on Galxe, participants can complete tasks from Moonbeam ecosystem projects, to win unique NFTs minted on Moonbeam. Activity will be tracked through on chain data and all eligible addresses will be able to claim their NFTs on Galxe. Those able to mint all 5 Moonbeam Ignite NFTs will also be eligible to claim a “Master NFT” Instructions to mint Prime Protocol NFT: 1\. Connect your ETH wallet at https://app.primeprotocol.xyz/ 1\. Set the network to Moonbase 2\. Go to "Faucet" in the top menu and mint testnet tokens:  a) DEV at: https://apps.moonbeam.network/moonbase-alpha/faucet/  b) DAI on the "Faucet" page of the dapp 3\. In Dashboard's "Deposits" table deposit 1000 DAI 4\. In Dashboard's "Borrows" table select network filter "Moonbase" and borrow 500 USDC on Moonbase Note, it may take up to 12 hours after completing tasks to be elegible to mint your NFT Retweet: https://twitter.com/dtmb\_xyz/status/1633528246791725063?s=20

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