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DTMB Project Upvote

DTMB Project Upvote

Visit DTMB website & Retweet our post to be elegible to mint the Moon Vote NFT!
Status: Active
Active Date: 2023-06-09
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Campaign Detail

Vote for your favorite projects on https://dtmb.xyz to increase their visibility in the ecosystem! We want to hear from YOU! What is your favorite project in the Moonbeam Ecosystem? If you would like to earn the Moon Vote NFT there are 2 Steps: Retweet our post: https://twitter.com/dtmb\_xyz/status/1667205600063651840?s=20 Visit our galxe page by visiting this link: <https://galxe.com/DowntownMoonbeam/campaign/GCCyHUN2Fv> Or - clicking the mint button to the left <---------- Use the link on galxe page to visit Downtown Moonbeam and vote for your favorite projects and then verify Done! you can now mint your Moon Vote NFT!

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